So yesterday I got bored so I made a Facebook account for an egg


And I friended a bunch of my friends and some strangers and posted some really dumb Facebook updates


And people started messaging me so I responded


And one person proposed to me


And then she blocked me so I made a status about it


Holy shell I need a life

why does an Egg have better social life than me

  • BBC: One-off special AND Series 4!!!!
  • Me: HOORAY that's awesome news!! When do we get them???
  • BBC: Oh, they're filming the special in January 2015.
  • Me: Huh. Well. What about Series 4?
  • BBC: Later next year!!!!
  • BBC: Isn't that exciting??
  • BBC: Aren't you stoked?!
  • Me: So basically...
  • BBC: Yes.
  • Me: You're telling me...
  • BBC: Yes.
  • Me: That we'll get a special about mid-2015?
  • BBC: Yes!
  • Me: And Series 4...
  • BBC: About January 2016!!
  • BBC: Isn't that the BEST??!??!!!
  • Me: So still two years after Series 3.
  • BBC: But you get a special!!!
  • Me: ...eighteen months after Series 3.
  • BBC: Yes!!!
  • Me: ...
  • BBC: !!!
  • Me: ...
  • BBC: !!!
  • Me: I came out to have a good time and I honestly am feeling so attacked right now